IPQ’s 2010-2021 Stories on PAC/QRM/KM Regulatory Dialogue

The following is a chronological listing of IPQ stories since 2010 that have covered the pressing issues around post-approval changes and what is needed in conjunction with advancements in risk and knowledge management to make quality regulatory processes across the product lifecycle more cohesive, efficient, process improvement and supply friendly, and internationally harmonized.


Preparing for and Communicating Manufacturing Changes During Late-Stage Development Smooths Biotech Clearance Process with FDA

MHRA Has Been Rejecting One-Third of Type IA Variation Notifications Due to Information Shortcomings


CMC/GMP Procedures and Interpretations Can Pose Challenges for Foreign Firms in ICH Member Japan

ICH Q11 Draft Gelling on Lifecycle/Change Management and Control Strategy Components

Europe Asks for Stakeholder Input in Refining and Harmonizing Its Variations Rules Across Member States

Divergent Global Change Filing Requirements Present Continuous Improvement Roadblocks, Experts Stress at ICH Q10 Conference


EMA’s Biosimilar Quality Guideline Redraft Sharpens Focus on Target Profiles and Lifecycle Changes of Reference Product

International Dialogue Should Focus on Harmonizing Control Strategy Filings and CMC Change Requirements, Moheb Nasr’s Industry Experience Confirms


FDA Draft Guidance on Syringe Connection Problems Reemphasizes Need for Early Agency/Sponsor Dialogue on Combo Products; Post-approval Change Guide Issued

FDA’s Center for Drugs Redoubles Effort to Achieve 21st Century Quality Vision and Foster Continuous Process Improvement

Industry Asks FDA to Clarify How Current CMC Submission Paradigm Can Flex to Accommodate Breakthrough Therapy Development Timelines


Post-Approval Change Regulatory Burden Draws Heat at Japan Biotech CMC Strategy Forum

Industry Proposals for Addressing Post-Approval Change Burdens Include Harmonizing on Commitments and Classifications

Global Quality Regulatory Maze Jeopardizes Vaccine Supply, IFPMA is Stressing

FDA and EMA Finalize Guidances to Help in Post-approval Change Management

Guides on FDA’s Generic Drug Review Process Continue Apace in July; EU Pilot Pursues Generic Drug Review Streamlining Internationally

New CMC Submission Approach Needed to Foster Transparency and Continuous Improvement, PhRMA Team Says; Embedding Control Strategy as Regulatory Commitment in QOS Proposed

ICH’s Lifecycle Management Initiative Q12 is Targeting the Tough Regulatory Issues, With Patient Supply a Driving Concern; Analytical QbD Also on Expanded ICH Agenda


Asian Agencies Report on Progress in Addressing Emerging Regulatory Challenges at CASSS Biotech CMC Strategy Forum in Japan

Stress Studies Are Playing Key Role For Roche/Genentech in Assessing Biomanufacturing Process Site Transfers

Global Change Protocols Proposed as Part of a More Standards-Based Approach to Regulating Life Cycle Management Internationally

Broad-Based ICH Q12 Expert Working Group Supporting Initiative’s Urgency and Viability, EWG Members Affirm at GPhA Conference

ICH Q12 EWG Views Established Conditions as Pivotal in Evolving Lifecycle Regulation Internationally; EMA Workshop Provides Input

More Structured, Interactive Process To Drive Convergence in Latin America Advocated by Biotech Product Regulators and Industry at CMC Strategy Forum in Brasilia

Industry is Urging Latin American Agencies to Cooperate in Filling Lifecycle Management Regulatory Gaps for Biologics


Industry/Regulator Dialogue on Knowledge Management is Intensifying in Wake of ICH’s Q12 Initiative

Impact of Accelerated Pathways on Method Development, Inter-Agency Collaboration Draw Regulator Discussion at Europe Biotech CMC Strategy Forum


Tension Between Quality Regulatory Paradigm and Pharma’s Innovation, Acceleration and Harmonization Imperatives in Spotlight

FDA’s Office of Pharmaceutical Quality Advances Review/Inspection Integration


FDA Inspection Findings Provide Additional Insight on CGMP Expectations for Combination Product Manufacturers

Pharma is Exploring How to Maximize ICH Q12 Value in Practice; Q12 EWG Encourages Feedback

CMC Priorities of EFPIA’s European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises Include ADCs, Drug/Device Combos and Statistics

Role of Established Conditions Drawing Attention in Global Dialogue on ICH Q12’s Potential

Emergency Preparations Draw Heightened Industry and Regulator Attention as Natural and Man-Made Disasters Proliferate


KASA and PQ/CMC Initiatives Gain Momentum in FDA’s Efforts to Strengthen Quality Review Process


Pandemic Stresses Increase FDA Attention on Risk Management Plans for drug Shortage Prevention and Mitigation


Pandemic Intensifies USP’s Focus on Supply Chain Vulnerabilities and Vaccine Development