Emergency Preparations Draw Heightened Industry and Regulator Attention as Natural and Man-Made Disasters Proliferate

Extreme weather events, political instability, and economic disruptions are prompting the pharmaceutical community to heighten its focus on emergency preparedness. The following four-part report focuses on conference presentations and discussions during 2018 that have made a significant contribution to understanding the increasing challenges that industry and regulators are now facing around the world and how they are being addressed.

‚óŹ PART I: Complementary strategies developed by Biogen and Baxter for supply chain control and disaster preparation

‚óŹ PART II: FDA‚Äôs role and actions taken in responding to Hurricane Maria and other recent natural disasters

‚óŹ PART III: The increased risks from climatic, societal, and political disruptions around the world and the planning they are informing from an internationally recognized author and advisor

‚óŹ PART IV: An expert panel discussion on the human impacts and other considerations of the natural and manmade disasters

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