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Pandemic Spurs Deepening of Pharmacopoeia/Regulator/Industry Communication Channels

The pandemic is prompting all of those involved in medicine production, regulation, and standards-setting to take a hard look at their operations for how they can be: ● adapted to continue being productive and address the pandemic exigencies, as well as ● potentially improved on a longer-term basis. It is also significantly deepening communication and cooperation channels.

Part I: EDQM Pandemic Actions Continue Apace in Fall 2020

Part II: Pharmacopeia, Regulator and Industry Expert Panel Explores Pandemic and Nitrosamine Communications

Part III: Second Panel Focuses on Pandemic Organizational Impacts and Key Learnings

Part IV: EDQM and Ph. Eur. Evolution Addressed by Leaders Keitel and Vielle

Hotspots in the Dialogue

IPQ’s meeting schedule through January includes:


Xavier Digital Combination Products Workshop (Jan 13-14)


CDER SBIA Compliance Conference (Jan 14)


CASSS WCBP Symposium (Jan 25-28, Feb 1-4)

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