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The Challenges of Evolving Pharma from a Compliance to a Risk-Based Control Strategy Mindset Are Drawing Conference Spotlight

The challenges of and drivers for evolving the pharmaceutical industry from a compliance-oriented mindset to one based on a control strategy embodying the risk management principles of ICH Q9(R1) are at the forefront of the industry/regulator dialogue at public forums, as the complexities of processes, products, and big data handling continue to expand.

PART I: Critical Thinking in Risk Management and Data Governance

PART II: Quality Culture/Oversight in Aseptic Operations

Part III: Takeda’s Annex 1-Based Global CCS Program

Part IV: QRM Tools in Root Cause Analysis

Part V: Annex 1 Revisions and the CCS Implications

IPQ’s meeting schedule through August includes:





PRST Business Leadership Summit
(May 1) Dublin, Ireland

RAPS Euro Convergence
(May 6-8) Berlin, Germany

PDA Manufacturing & Quality Conference
(May 7-8) Singapore

IPEC Excipient World Conference
(May 13-15) Kissimmee, FL

AAPS National Biotechnology Conference
(May 13-16) San Francisco, CA

USP Microbiological Methods Workshop
(May 14-15) Virtual Only

PDA Aseptic Manufacturing Conference
(May 15-16) Stuttgart, Germany

FDLI Annual Conference
(May 15–16) Washington, DC

ARMI Meeting in the Millyard
(May 21-23) Manchester, NH

PDA Digitalization Conference
(June 4-5) Antwerp, Belgium

PDA Medical Device Conference
(June 4-5) Antwerp, Belgium

USP Dietary Supplement and Herbal Medicine Forum
(June 5) Rockville, MD

DIA Southeast Europe (SEE) Conference
(June 5-6) Zagreb, Croatia

RAPS Regulatory Intelligence Conference
(June 5-7) Baltimore, MD

PDA AI Workshop
(June 6) Antwerp, Belgium

(June 10) Rockville, MD

EDQM 60th Anniversary Conference
(June 11-12) Strasbourg, France

CASSS CGTP Symposium
(June 11-13) Rockville, MD

DIA Global Annual Meeting
(June 16-20) San Diego, CA

ISPE Biotechnology Conference
(June 17-18) Boston, MA

PDA ATMP Conference
(June 24-25) Amsterdam, Netherlands

PDA Virus Conference
(June 26-27) Amsterdam, Netherlands

IPA Global Pharmaceutical Quality Summit
(June 27-28) Mumbai, India

PDA Next Gen Sequencing Workshop
(June 28) Amsterdam, Netherlands

PDA CGT Pharmaceutical Conference
(July 10-11) Tokyo, Japan

CASSS CMC North America
(July 16-17) Gaithersburg, MD

USP CM Workshop
(July 18-19) Rockville, MD

CASSS CMC Latin America
(Aug 6 and 13) Virtual Only

IPQ would like to thank our partners: