Weekly Supplement: Week Ending February 9, 2024

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Welcome to the third edition of the new IPQ Weekly Supplement – expanding the effort we make to inform stakeholders of important developments in the quality regulatory arena as quickly as possible.

A key component is coverage of a presentation given at a recently held conference by a leading regulator that addresses the challenges and developments in a key area of concern and supports the global dialogue and collaboration efforts moving forward. Our review of the presentation and its significance will be openly available beginning on p. 3, with subscribers having access to the full remarks and accompanying slides. Our coverage of that presentation may then become a component of a more in-depth story to follow on the related issues.

Included in the IPQ Weekly Supplement will be a summary listing of the “Updates in Brief,” drug GMP warning letters and recalls, and EMA non-compliance reports (NCRs) that have been posted on IPQ’s website during the week. Subscribers can then click through to the full posting.

Also provided, where applicable, are links to the parts of in-depth stories and Monthly Updates that have been released during the week.

Appended to the issue is a chronological listing of the headlines of the in-depth stories that IPQ has released since 2020. Readers of the Weekly Supplement are invited to click through to those that are of particular relevance to the regulatory presentation, news briefs, or compliance developments provided in the issue. Those of especially high relevance to the featured regulator story are indicated with a red star.