Hotspots in the Dialogue


IFPAC Conference (June 4-7) Washington DC

ARM Cell & Gene Reception @ BIO (June 5) Boston, MA

BIO International Convention (June 5-8) Boston, MA

FDA Regulatory Education Annual Conference (June 5-9) Virtual Only

CASSS CMC Strategy Forum Latin America (June 6) Virtual Only

ECA GMP for Medical Cannabis Conference (June 6-7) Virtual Only

ARMI Meeting in the Millyard (June 6-8) Manchester, NH

PDA ATMP Viral Safety Workshop (June 7-8) Baltimore, MD

Longwood/MIT Spring Webconference (June 7-8) Cambridge, MA

FDLI Cannabis Regulation Conference (June 7-8) Washington, DC

FDA/Duke-Margolis Advanced Manufacturing Workshop (June 8) Washington, DC

PQRI Titanium Dioxide Regulatory Workshop (June 13-14) Washington, DC

Medicines for Europe Annual Conference (June 14-16) Malta

PDA Viral Safety for ATMPS Workshop (June 19) Madrid, Spain

PDA Virus Conference (June 20-21) Madrid, Spain

IABS Vaccine Reference Standards Workshop (June 21-22) Ottawa, Canada

DIA Global Annual Meeting (June 25-29) Boston, MA

CASSS CGTP Summit (June 26) Rockville, MD

ISPE Biotech Conference (June 26-27) Dublin, Ireland

EU competitiveness in ATMP (June 27) Stockholm, Sweden

CASSS CGTP Symposium (June 27-29) Rockville, MD

NIIMBL National Meeting (June 27-29) Washington, DC

ATMP Sweden World Tour (June 28-30) Virtual Only


PDA Cell and Gene Conference (July 12-13) Tokyo, Japan

DIA CoRE Singapore Annual (July 12-13) Singapore

CASSS CMC Strategy Forum North America (July 17-18) Gaithersburg, MD

USP Continuous Manufacturing Workshop (July 18-19) Rockville, MD


15th Annual Bioprocessing Summit (Aug 14-17) Boston, MA

PDA Manufacturing & Quality Conference (Aug 15-16) Singapore

ISPE Singapore Conference (Aug 23-25) Singapore


CASSS HOS Symposium (Sept 6-7) United States

CASSS MS Conference (Sept 6-8) Chicago, IL

PDA BioManufacturing Conference (Sept 12-13) Seville, Spain

IFPMA Africa Regulatory Conference (Sept 12-15) Virtual Only

PDA/FDA Regulatory Conference (Sept 18-20) Washington, DC

CASSS CMC Forum Latin America (Sept 19) Virtual Only

CHPA Regulatory, Scientific, and Quality Conference (Sept 19-20) Bethesda, MD

CASSS CE Pharm Symposium (Sept 24-27) Philadelphia, PA

MedTech & Pharma Platform Annual Conference (Sept 27) Basel, Switzerland