Transparent Discussions, Long-term Relationships and Global Event Monitoring Mark Amgen’s Supply Oversight Program

Detailed, transparent technical discussions with suppliers, long-term supplier relationships, and a wide-ranging event monitoring system are three prongs in Amgen’s intensive effort to avoid supply disruptions and improve quality assurance.

The three prongs of Amgen’s carefully thought-out, systematic supplier program were highlighted by Amgen Quality Senior VP Martin VanTrieste at the IPEC ExcipientFest conference in late April in Raleigh, North Carolina. VanTrieste played a pivotal role in the development of Rx-360, and his work with the supply chain-focused association has enriched his and Amgen’s understanding of the issues and how to address them.

He explained how the Amgen program: ● incorporates the learnings from other industries, including the benefit of global event monitoring ● is supported by a cross-organizational structure ● focuses on total cost of ownership rather than cost per unit, and ● uses in-house and supplier-derived monitoring data and multivariate analysis to control variation that could impact critical quality attributes.

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