Sanofi is Coordinating the Lifecycle Management of its Automation Systems to Head Off Manufacturing Breakdowns

Sanofi is focusing more attention on coordinating the lifecycle management of its automation systems to head off the major threats to the continuity of manufacturing operations that ensue from not having a well thought-out planning process in place.

At the ISPE “Aseptic Processing Technology Conference” in Baltimore, Maryland in late February, Sanofi Senior Engineering Director Thomas Bryant described the challenges involved in handling a complex web of interrelated automated systems that are aging at different rates and the concerted efforts his company has been making recently to address them.

The strategy was developed in response to Sanofi finding that a lack of coordinated planning for maintaining these systems “can lead to emergencies and bad surprises,” Bryant explained.  “Suddenly you find out that you do not have support from a supplier [and] have obsolete hardware and software.”

After describing the concerns at stake, Bryant discussed the learnings Sanofi has gained in developing its program, including how to assess the problem, plan for remediation efforts, and gain management buy-in.  He also addressed the budgeting and resource planning process, the importance of having highly competent and engaged maintenance personnel, and Sanofi’s progress to date.

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