International Regulatory Initiatives Guide Agencies Down Info-Sharing/Reliance/Recognition Pathway; ICMRA Targets Initiative Coordination

A mapping of the complex web of organizations and initiatives through which regulators around the world are now interacting is a first step in the mission of the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA) to better coordinate resources in addressing global challenges.

The mapping project was carried out for ICMRA by the EMA, which released a progress report on its progress in January, 2017.  The report outlines who is involved with the various initiatives, what their objectives are, how they interrelate, and where the overlaps and gaps are that warrant attention.

The 22-member ICMRA grew out of the need highlighted at the 2012 World Health Assembly for bringing the heads of the major agencies around the world together, with World Health Organization (WHO) participation, to better understand, coordinate and prioritize their international engagement efforts.

The report explains that the mapping project was developed to give the heads of agencies involved in ICMRA “a comprehensive overview of the number and scope of global collaborative initiatives, and thus allow them to make informed decisions on the need for involvement or coordination.”

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