Complying With Serialization Mandates Requires Long Lead Times, Experts Warn

Serialization experts are warning pharma companies that compliance with looming serialization requirement deadlines will require long lead times.

The requirements for serialization – the unique identification of individual products – are coming into force around the world as part of the global effort to better track their movement through the supply chain and ensure their authenticity.

The evolving requirements around the world and the effort it will take on the part of pharmaceutical companies to meet them were highlighted by Systech International Business Development VP David DeJean at a conference on anti-counterfeiting in emerging regions sponsored by FDASmart in Edison, New Jersey in mid-April.

“To comply just with California, you have, in essence, four or five years,” DeJean emphasized.  For large pharmaceutical companies, he said, “it is going to take you four or five years to get this all put together.”

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