Allotrope Analytical Lab Data Standardization Effort Gaining Momentum with Better Analytical and Control Processes at Stake

The industry-based Allotrope Foundation is picking up momentum in its ambitious effort to create a framework for standardizing and sharing lab data, with more effective analytical and manufacturing control processes at stake.

The drivers for the standardized data format that Allotrope is seeking to create include reduced lab data errors and waste, improved efficiency of data archiving and retrieval, analysts time savings, and better communications within and between labs and between pharma companies and their suppliers.

Allotrope – a “pre-collaboration consortium” of several major pharma companies and their vendors – has been moving rapidly forward with proof-of-concept applications. These have been confirming the feasibility of the consortium’s approach to producing a standardized format that captures analytical data and the associated metadata in a way that is instrument and vendor “agnostic” and allows lab systems to communicate.

The goal is to create an “interoperable, open-source laboratory information framework” that will provide significant industry-wide financial and innovative technical benefits in the lab data and information management arena.

The consortium is actively seeking additional companies to join in creating the framework.  Allotrope members have: ● the ability to influence the scope, pace and direction of the work ● a potentially greater understanding of their internal needs relating to the collection, formatting and transmittal of data, and ● early insight on and an opportunity to leverage the deliverables.

Upcoming cross-industry workshops, open to all stakeholders, will take place on April 24, 2015 in Cambridge, MA, and on September 16, 2015, in Chicago, IL (see for more information on the workshops).

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